10 Things I hate about you

quirky gingerbread gifts for valentine's day

By: Gertrude

1. The buttons / Lederhosen Combo. Come on, who wears that anymore!

2. The insipid over-confident grin, just want to wipe that off your face

gingerbread man with piped detail

3. The stupid sexy Christmas jumper you wore last year

bossy gingerbread gifts gingerbread rising

4. Your cheerful attitude no matter who just died on my favourite TV show

quirky gingerbread gifts for female empowerment

5. The ‘hilarious’ practical jokes you play on people all the time

6. The way you made me feel like we were gonna have the perfect gingerbread family, and then I saw you cozy up to Fizzy from Accounting in the oven. “But Honey, I was just on the wrong tray at the wrong time, I swear she was totally rising onto me”

7. The complacency with which you have just accepted your Dad-bod

sassy gingerbread girl power gifts


8. The embarrassing seasonal novelty hats

gingerbread rising girl power gifts

9.  The fact that you take hours in the bathroom on hell knows what


10. I mean - the dancing


And yet. There is just something about you silly little man that I just can’t live without.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Xoxo Gertrude


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