Mums come in different shapes & sizes

Mother’s Day is about, showing, getting and receiving love to all mothers. Every blog post and social media platform will be littered with, “Happy Mother’s Day and Best Mom and I love My Mom etc.” It has become a part of our social media etiquette to bombard each other with these posts but rarely do we get, ‘Happy Mother’s Day and I’d like to apologize for … " post. So let me indulge you on this for a change.

Our moms are the best human beings on this earth, not only do they tolerate our teenage years, they down right love us wholeheartedly through them. They never complain when we shut the door in their faces or scream, “I hate you” and “You ruining my life”. Instead, they love us even more, hug us tighter and become incredibly understanding; not to mention reminding us how special we
are. And on those rare occasions we really test their patience, they give us the look, the, “I wish you would and you’ll meet your maker”, some ground us and others, they give us something to cry about. A few of our backsides could attest to that!

And then we grow up, become women in our own right, even have our own children and then we realize, just what a pain we were. We realize that we took our mothers for granted, their love as a stumbling block and their patience and tolerance for weakness. We realize we forgot to appreciate the unconditional love that we were born into. The reassurance that we matter and are worthy to be all that we wish to be. And at the height of that realization, the guilt caused by our behavior hits us like a ton of bricks. We look at our mothers with loving eyes of remorse, hidden gratitude and wonder at times, “What more can I do to make her proud, where I begin to apologize for my nonsensical behaviour?”
Well, wonder no more.


Instead of joining the pack, let’s step out of it and really pull at moms heartstrings with an attainable apology. For many of us, mom is the woman who birthed us, for others, it is the women that have shaped their lives unequivocally.
These women come in all shapes being sizes and inspired and mould us into the beings that we are today, from family, friends, neighbours and close friends and their interaction with their kids. They are a growing community of cheerleaders and advisors coated with non-judgment. They are the everyday women we work with, share a meal with and pop champagne with on special occasions. I have a friend whose mother died when she was young but the women that have been around her have been her mothers, from the neighbour who is a nursed her during her first period to the traffic officer down the road who helped with her driver’s license and the countless school teachers who went beyond the call
of duty to help her get into university.

All these women have played a pivotal role in her life, many of whom are the women we sit next to on the train heading home. She calls them, “my every day and every need mothers”. All of these woman are my mom, your mom. They all want the best for us. They want us to be loving, caring, considerate women who are independent thinkers but more than anything, they want us to be happily fierce in whatever we set out to do. So, just for this year, sit out writing a long winded letter, make a childhood card, tell her you love her and appreciate her and mostly importantly, act out your apology.

For so long, we have been looked at as having to be jealous of one another, to simply employ hate on each other and to tear each other down. A study conducted showed that women who are in possessions of power have added burden of depression. Is that really the case, or has the media played us against each other so much that we buy into it? I think not.

So, let’s take a lesson from Hollywood with these mom, sister and daughter relationships and apply them in our lives everyday.\\

Kardashians / Jenners - Say what we want about the Kardashian ( Jenner)  women but they are women and sister empowerment personified. While there is a big age gap between the older Kardashian sisters and the younger Jenner sisters- they are incredibly close. If they are not fighting each other’s battles, they are doing business together and having the best family times under the sun. And their love for their mother is something that they are happy to show off at any given moment, these are moments they publicise happily.

And if you love the Knowles family, that being Beyonce and her sister Solange. Their mother Tina Knowles now Lawson gave these parenting tips on how to strengthen their sibling relationship, showing us, even the stars need to lay on a couch and let it all out for a few hours every now and then.

Venus and Serena Williams are tennis superstars and they are not afraid to call each other their biggest rivals. In a documentary titled Venus and Serena, about the sisters, younger Serena credited her sister Venus’s success for her own, “I was never the one that was supposed to be good, but I was determined not to be a statistic.”

We can change things. We can start by resetting and having each others back. How will you treat the next woman you meet?

Happy Mother's Day! 

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