Mother's Day Gift Box Set

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Our products - in brief

Our Gingerbread ladies are on a mission to turn heads and turn around stereotypes. But, beyond creating havoc on social media, our cookies are hoping to do tangibly change women’s reality for the better - by donating part of the profit towards girls’ charities.

The cookies

Are you fed up with gingerly, buttoned up gingerbread men?

Why not invite some delicious trouble into your home by ordering our sweet and fiery gingerbread ladies!


Don’t be fooled by their sweet exterior - our delightful ladies have a real bite, thanks to a dark soul made mainly of ginger.


We have devised a genius recipe that makes our ladies strong on the outside, but chewy on the inside. The postal service will have their job cut out for them if they want to break these cookies!


Shelf life:



Whilst we can’t guarantee the same for our management team, our recipe is completely nut-free. (Slight traces of nuttiness might be present.) 

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